You’re not crazy, you’re just lonely, and loneliness is a hell of a drug.
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One if the many reasons Taylor is one of my favorites.


Request: Louis teaching Harry how to skateboard.

jackieomara: life is ok as long as harry styles exists


So Taylor just nominated Ed to do the ice bucket challenge, hope he does it and do it shirtless

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You will be remembered.
Moments from The Red Era.


  • the anticipation
  • the webchat where we got basically everything in about an hour and the whole swift fandom died
  • we are never ever getting back together
  • ronan
  • 1.2 million copies of red being released in the first week
  • haylor
  • the people’s choice awards featuring…
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¿Uno de mis más grandes defectos? Guardarme todo lo que siento.
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